Despite receiving one every quarter, your electricity bills can be a big shock to the system – and your savings.

Australians often try to find ways to reduce these bills, but some of the options chosen (like refusing to use your air conditioning) aren’t always necessary.

Forget about freezing in winter and sweating in summer. You can use your air conditioning system all year round and reduce your electricity bills by following our handy tips below.

Keep your system at the ideal temperature

There’s a lot of speculation about what the ideal temperature to set your air conditioner to. Some refuse to adjust the settings leaving your house feeling like a freezer. Meanwhile others are hiking the temperature to make it feel like you’re in the Sahara Desert – all year round.

While you may fear the idea of changing the temperature, we recommend sticking to between 21 and 23 degrees Celsius. Of course, this may vary depending on the season, climate and your surroundings.

Regardless of your chosen temperature, maintaining a steady temperature year round (rather than turning it up high then turning it off again) not only keeps your home comfortable, but it can also help avoid an unexpected spike in bills jump!

You can learn more about the ideal temperature for your home on our website.

Use a timer

Do you enjoy sleeping with your air conditioning running, but hate having to get up and turn it off? Do you let the system run all night, so you don’t have to get up?

Air conditioning manufacturers like Daikin Australia are always coming up with ways for families to reduce the cost of running their systems. One of these is the timer function, which is available on every system.

Using the built-in timer means your system doesn’t have to run any longer than necessary, and you can go to bed (or leave the house) knowing it will turn off automatically at the appropriate time (or temperature).

Regularly clean your system

Did you know a dirty air conditioner filter mean your system has to work harder? This leads to using more electricity than normal.

By regularly changing your filters, you can help to keep your unit clean, your air free of pollutants, and give your system a break.

Our team offer cleaning and maintenance services for any air conditioning system – whether we installed it or not! Get a quote from us to see what we recommend for your system.

Find the right air conditioning system for your home

If you’re using an air conditioning system which is not suitable to the size or layout of your home, this can also affect your bills.

As air conditioning specialists, our team know how to find the right system for your home. Our residential team will assess your home and determine the ideal layout and system which will help reduce your electricity bills.

With the right system, and the right maintenance, reducing your electricity bills can be a breeze.

Let our team help you find a system which is efficient, effective, and perfectly suited to your home or office.

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