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Understanding your split system air conditioner

Understanding how your split system air conditioner works when you’re not an expert is a bit like trying to assemble flat-pack furniture without an instruction manual (we’ve all been there).

Luckily, we have broken down key functions and rounded up the benefits for you.


How does a split system air conditioner work?

There are two key components to split system air conditioners – an outdoor condenser unit, and an indoor air handler. Both units are connected by piping, which transfers refrigerant between each component.

Refrigerant is the key element responsible for regulating the temperature inside your home or commercial space.

Refrigerant starts as a pressurised gas, then runs through the piping which is commonly referred to as condenser tubes. As the refrigerant circulates through the split air conditioning system, it changes from a pressurised cool gas to a depressurised hot liquid.

This constant refrigerant reverse cycle allows the air conditioning unit to remove air from an internal room, then pass the air over a coil that is cooled by the refrigerant gas. Cold air is then transferred back into the room.

This cycle can also be reversed to perform a heating effect.


What are the features and benefits of owning a split system air conditioner?

If you are unsure if a split system air conditioner will be the best choice for your home, we’ve highlighted some of the key features and benefits below.


Using their refrigerant reverse-cycle, split system units allow you to cool AND heat your home, with the simple switch of a setting.

Reduced noise levels

Temperature is not the only thing that provides comfort for your family. Noise levels are also an important feature to be taken into consideration. Split system air conditioning units are a quieter alternative air conditioner, as they are free of large motors.


The split system air conditioning unit does not require a window to be fitted and requires less components in comparison to larger systems. This allows our skilled technicians to complete your installation in under a few hours.

Air purifying

During the reverse cycle process, the air is filtered as it travels through the air conditioning unit – removing dust, allergens and pollutants from your internal air space.

Energy efficient

Using programmable thermostats, speeds, and set timers, split air conditioning systems provide convenient and energy-efficient features that keep your comfort levels high and energy bills low. And, with the cost of electricity bills set to rise this year, we’re all looking for ways to save.

We understand every home is different, and it’s important to consider all air conditioning units available to secure the appropriate solution for your family’s needs.