Finding the best air conditioner for small homes

Finding the right air conditioner for a small home can be a difficult task. There are many things to consider, such as the climate of the location, the number of rooms it needs to service, the property layout and best position for the indoor and outdoor units – and of course, the budget of the home owner.

Choosing the wrong sized unit or the wrong installation position can mean hefty energy bills and poor performance.

Recently, we were contacted by a new client, Claire, who had just moved into a new unit which lacked an air conditioning system. With Winter well and truly upon us, she needed a solution – fast!

“I loved the new place, but it was just so cold at night! I’d always rented larger properties with existing ducted air conditioning systems, so I was nervous about the cost involved with a new installation, and the impact on my electricity bill. I really had no idea where to begin with finding an energy efficient air conditioner for small homes.” – Claire

Needing advice, Claire reached out to the Air Extreme team, and connected with our Office Manager, Dianne.

“I knew that I wanted an effective and energy efficient air conditioner, capable of heating and cooling my open plan living space and two bedrooms.”

“I’d heard good things about the team from Air Extreme, and being new to the area, reputation was really important to me. So, I gave them a call to discuss my options,” Claire continued. “Dianne was great! She was so patient with all my questions and was able to recommend a 5kW Daikin Lite system. Then she arranged a free in-home consultation just to be sure.”

Choosing an energy efficient air conditioner

We stock a great range of energy efficient air conditioners for small homes – in particular the Daikin Lite Systems, which have been designed specifically for small homes, units, and apartments.

Along with their compact design, the Daikin Lite and Multi Lite systems offer other significant advantages. Designed with the latest cutting-edge technologies, they deliver cost-effective air conditioning, and operate more quietly than ever before. The Lite series also features up to 4.5 Star Rating energy performance (2.5kW model) in both cooling and heating operations.

In order to choose the best air conditioner for Claire, we sent our qualified residential air conditioning estimator, Nathan, to inspect the home.

“Nathan was really helpful right from the start,” Claire said. “I expected him to just tell me the model and where it would be installed. But before he began measuring, he took the time to talk to me about how and when I was likely to use the air conditioner, and even asked me which wall I would prefer it to be mounted on.”

After getting a good understanding of Claire’s needs, then measuring the living room, and considering the placement of the outdoor unit, Nathan was able to make a solid recommendation.

Getting the job done quickly and efficiently

When Claire’s installation day arrived, we sent two experienced technicians to complete the job.

“Joel and Max were great. They showed up right on time, were friendly, and really organised,” Claire said. “They did a quick inspection of the property to confirm the installation plan, explained the process and how long the installation was likely to take, and then got straight to work!”

Over the years, we’ve honed our pre-planning to ensure when installation day comes, everything is ready to go. By doing the per-installation inspection, we can minimise any potential installation challenges and address any issues upfront – meaning our customers know exactly what to expect, and can have confidence that the price quoted is the price charged, with no hidden extras.

We also take pride in our outstanding customer service experience, which doesn’t end when the unit is on the wall.

“It’s the little things that made a difference, like Joel taking the time to explain the controls and how to operate the air conditioner to be the most energy efficient. I haven’t needed to open the instruction manual once! And they even left the place spotless!“

Another satisfied Air Extreme customer

The entire set up, installation, and clean up, took our team just three hours, and resulted in a great outcome. Claire couldn’t be happier.

“The air conditioner has made the world of difference already. It kept me warm on those last cold nights during Winter, and has taken the edge off those first hot days of Spring. Bring on Summer!”

As a proud Daikin specialist dealer, we are committed to investing the time and effort needed to ensure that you choose the right air conditioning solution to suit your home and budget.

“The ease of getting a quote, and the professionalism of the team, made me feel really comfortable that I was choosing the right system. I’m so glad I chose Air Extreme.”


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