Air Extreme has all your residential air conditioning needs covered. If you need reliable and trustworthy professionals with a solid reputation of delivering quality service in the Lake Macquarie region and beyond, contact us today.

Finding the right air conditioning system for your home can be challenging. Whether you’re looking to install a new air conditioning system, an upgrade to your existing system, or repair/maintenance, our experienced team will deliver prompt, and friendly service.

We have over a decade of experience helping families enjoy a temperature-controlled home all year round. Our dedicated team offers tailored advice to suit homes of all sizes and will recommend the best air conditioning systems for your needs.

Our comprehensive range of services will ensure your home’s air conditioning system is delivering your family ideal comfort throughout every season.

In addition to residential air conditioning installations, we provide:

Preventative maintenance

Air conditioning and heating systems need regular preventive maintenance to maintain the system and keep it running at optimum levels throughout its life. We will check the air filters and change as necessary, inspect electrical components and condensing unit coils, and check refrigerant levels.

A regular maintenance schedule can extend the life of your system, while ensuring energy efficiency.

Air conditioning repair

If your air conditioning stops working as efficiently as it used to, especially at a time you need it the most, it’s time to get an expert and reliable team of air conditioning professionals.

Air Extreme technicians will arrive fully stocked with the most common air conditioning repair parts to make sure that they can complete the repair efficiently.

Air conditioner cleaning

An air conditioner that is not regularly cleaned becomes prone to dust build up and is a breeding ground for bacteria. As the bacteria grows on the coils, fans and filters, the contaminants begin to affect air quality, which can result in harmful allergens being circulated throughout your house.

These allergens are especially harmful to individuals who suffer from asthma, hay fever, sinus problems, eczema, and other health problems. A build-up of dirt and dust on the filter and in the coils will also cause an increase in power consumption.

Our technicians know air conditioning units inside-out and have what it takes to effectively clean your unit. 

For all your air conditioning cleaning, repair, and maintenance, contact Air Extreme. You are guaranteed prompt, reliable, and professional service. You’ll get the best service in the industry – at competitive rates.

Our range of residential air conditioning systems

There are several different types of residential air conditioners suitable to heating and cooling your home.

As Daikin Specialist Dealers, our team can provide you with the right system for your home from the most trusted name in air conditioning.

Request a quote today to discuss your individual needs and our team of specialists will work with you to determine the most efficient and effective system for your home.

Read on to learn about the different types of residential air conditioning systems.

Split System Air Conditioners

Split system air conditioners are ideal for heating or cooling one room or a specific area of a home. A split system features two units: one that’s inside the home, and one that’s outside. They are relatively easy to install and are known for being quiet and energy efficient.

The Daikin Split System range features discreet wall-mounted and compact floor standing units. The range is available in either ‘cooling only’ or ‘reverse cycle’ (heating and cooling). Or for ultimate comfort Daikin’s US7 system regulates temperature, ventilation, and humidity levels, allowing you to obtain ideal conditions all year round. 

The range of Daikin Split System Air Conditioners includes:

  • Us7
  • Zena
  • Cora
  • Nexura
  • Floor Standing L-Series

Multi-Split System Air Conditioners

A Daikin Multi-Split Air Conditioner can heat or cool between two and nine rooms using only one outdoor unit and allows individual control of the air conditioning in each room. This not only optimises comfort but saves on running costs by only heating or cooling rooms as required.

Daikin Multi-Split Air Conditioners are available in reverse cycle (heating and cooling) and cooling only models.

The range of multi-split system air conditioners includes:

  • Super Multi NX
  • Super Multi Plus

Ducted Air Conditioners

Ducted systems include an internal fan coil installed into the roof space of a house. From this central location, a series of ducts are installed throughout the house, allowing you to heat and cool different areas of the home easily.

This provides discreet air-conditioned comfort as the only visible components are the return air grills, discharge grills and controller.

Ducted systems can be installed in a new home or tailored to suit an existing home,

The range of Daikin Ducted Air Conditioners includes:

  • Premium Inverter Plus (Single and Three Phase)
  • Premium Inverter (Single and Three Phase)
  • Standard Inverter (Single and Three Phase)
  • FBQ Slim-Line (Single and Three Phase)
  • SkyZone (Controller)

VRV (Variable Air Volume) Air Conditioners

For the ultimate multi-room air conditioning system, Daikin’s VRV range offers a wide selection of indoor and outdoor units, with options to suit a variety of medium to large home designs.

Incorporating the latest technology, the VRV range of air conditioners is remarkably energy efficient and quiet in operation. The long piping runs, combined with the compact outdoor unit, allow for flexible positioning of the condenser – ensuring the aesthetics aren’t compromised for performance.

The range of Daikin VRV Air Conditioners includes:

  • VRV III Heat Pump
  • VRV IV Heat Pump
  • VRV IV Heat Recovery
  • VRV IV S
  • VRV W III Water Cooled