Energy efficient air conditioner, Is there such thing as an energy efficient air conditioner?, Air Extreme Air Conditioning

Are you on the lookout for an energy efficient air conditioner? Or are you wondering if it is even possible for an air-conditioner to be energy efficient?

It’s no secret that Aussies have recently been hit with high inflation rates, increased cost of living, and rising household bills. So, we understand the importance of saving money where you can.

With summer fast approaching, could an energy-efficient air conditioner help with reducing your electricity bills? Let’s find out.

How can an air conditioner be energy efficient?

To find out how energy efficient your air conditioning system is, you need to review the official Energy Rating Label. Understanding the label allows you to compare the running costs with different air conditioners.

Key elements of the label include: 

  • The star rating
  • Energy consumption

TOP TIP: Use the provided energy consumption number on the label to calculate the estimated running cost of the appliance with the formula below:

Annual running cost = Total energy consumption (kWh) × Electricity tariff (dollars per kWh)

Energy efficient air conditioner, Is there such thing as an energy efficient air conditioner?, Air Extreme Air Conditioning

Understanding the air conditioner energy efficiency ratio

Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) measures how an appliance uses energy.

As a standard, 12 is a good EER rating. Anything below 8.5 will cost more to run. Higher EER ratings result in better cooling power per energy watt used! This is a great factor to consider when choosing an energy efficient air conditioner.

The EER rating is sometimes listed in the manual but is usually found on a sticker on your air conditioning system. If it’s not, you need to know the power (W) and capacity (BTU) of the appliance.

To calculate the EER rating, simply divide the power (W) capacity (BTU).

Why is choosing an energy efficient air conditioner important?

Now, it’s time to decide if you want to spend more up front on an energy efficient air conditioner or opt for a cheaper option.

Spending more on the energy efficient system means you will reap the rewards over time through reduced electricity bills. However, you will save money in the short term on a less efficient system by spending less upfront on an air conditioner that may not be as energy efficient.

Understandably, many people choose the cheaper up-front option to avoid a hefty purchase bill.

The best advice we can offer is to work with the budget you currently have, and speak to an expert.

However, try not to completely disregard considering the money that could be saved in the long run with a more energy efficient air conditioner.

Some benefits of an energy efficient air conditioner include:

  • Improved temperature control
  • Decreased energy bills
  • Increased lifespan
  • Better for the environment

Where can you find an energy efficient air conditioner?

As Daikin Specialist Dealers, we know they offer some great energy efficient models.

Another brand to consider is Mitsubishi, who now include zoned energy rating labels for their split system air conditioners.

Choosing an air conditioner that is suitable for the layout of your home can drastically reduce your energy bills.

The split system air conditioning unit does not require a window to be fitted and requires less components in comparison to larger systems. This allows our skilled technicians to complete your installation in under a few hours.

Want to save money on your power bill this year? Choose an energy efficient air conditioner from our team.