Old-fashioned quality customer service is the key reason why Sandra Foster is happy to return to Air Extreme customer for her air conditioning installation and maintenance.

Back in 2018, Sandra was keen to have air conditioning installed in her holiday home at Summerland Point on the NSW Central Coast. With no knowledge of any Hunter Region and Central Coast air conditioning specialists, she opened the Yellow Pages.

Air Extreme Air Conditioning was her first phone call.

“With Air Extreme, right from the start if they said they were going to do something, they did it.

“One of the things that irritates me more than anything with businesses is when you have to do all the follow-up,” Sandra said.

“The fellow that came out to give us the quote for the air conditioning installation in the first instance made me feel completely comfortable and there was no pressure to buy, just great advice.

“I found myself thinking ‘I’ll definitely go with them’ and so I signed up right away. I can’t believe I found them in the phone book – it was just sheer chance!” Sandra laughed.

Shortly after, the Air Extreme team installed two Daikin split systems to ground floor rooms. One was a 8.5-kilowatt Daikin wall mounted system in her lounge room and the other, a 2.5-kilowatt Daikin wall mounted system in the bedroom.

Sandra was immediately impressed with the quality of customer service and the system and the obvious experience of the installation team.

“It sounds simple, but they said they’d be there at 7:15am, and at 7:15am, there they were!” she said.

“The team was polite and respectful. They took their shoes off at the door each time they came in and out, getting things from the truck. They must have come in and out one hundred times and I ended up saying to them, look, you don’t have to keep doing that, but they were so considerate and nothing was too much trouble.

“I know they’re all little things and I sound really old-fashioned, but good quality customer service makes a big difference to me.”

Fast forward to January 2021 and Sandra had no hesitation in calling Air Extreme Air Conditioning when wanting a 10 kilowatt Daikin ducted system installed on the second level of the Summerland Point home.

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Fuss free and efficient – the keys to quality customer service

Pre-planning ahead of installation day is how our team ensures we can minimise any potential installation challenges and address any issues upfront. This gives our customers confidence that we’ve covered all bases, the price we quoted is what we charge, and everything happens as it should.

Sandra said she was impressed by our excellent processes in place behind the scenes that ensured everything went smoothly.

“Communication is excellent because for both air conditioning installations, the teams knew every single thing they had to do,” Sandra said.

“And they came with every appropriate piece of equipment they needed. I had an experience recently where the people installing new blinds at the Summerland Point home brought the wrong equipment or the wrong blinds three times!

“With Air Extreme, it’s the absolute opposite. Everything’s done completely the first time. I mean, they didn’t leave a nut or bolt or anything lying on the floor. Everything was just so good.”

For the Air Extreme team, we value the positive feedback we receive from our customers and aim to ensure we deliver top quality customer service with every job.

Another satisfied Air Extreme customer

“I’m a bit slow when it comes to technology, and when talking me through how to use the ducted system they said don’t hesitate to call us if you run into troubles – we’ll go through it with you on the phone or we’ll come out here to help you.

“It gives you total confidence. I mean, seriously, if I was having an conditioning system put in at my home in Sydney, I’d be asking them to come and do it!”

As a proud Daikin specialist dealer, we are committed to investing the time and effort needed to ensure that you receive outstanding customer service every time we deal with you.

Are you looking for old-fashioned customer service for your air conditioning installation?