Our team is committed to supporting those in need. So when our domestic estimator, Ryan Vandervelde’s came to us with the idea of giving back to a friend in need, we were more than happy to make it happen!

Ryan’s friend Jessica was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2020. While undergoing chemotherapy at home, Jessica requires constant temperature control, which was difficult with her old air conditioning system.

Ryan approached our owners, Mick and Justin Bull, to see whether they would consider donating an air conditioner to help keep her comfortable during her treatment. They approved, and we got to work straight away!

Jessica’s Story

Vitz and Jessica have been together since they were young – your typical high school sweethearts!

Ryan has been friends with Jessica and her husband, Vitz for almost as long, over 16 years. They met through mutual friends and have been close ever since.

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Vitz, Jessica and their two young children.

Jessica’s diagnosis came as a devastating shock to the whole family and friendship circle, particularly after the difficult year everyone had already faced. Jessica was soon to undergo her first lot of chemotherapy when Ryan heard about her need for temperature control at home.

He knew our team would be able to provide the best system for Jessica’s needs and wad grateful to be able to make it happen for their family.

Air conditioner donation

We wanted to give Jessica the system that would be perfect for her needs. This is why our team chose to donate an Air Touch Smart Air Conditioning System with Wi-Fi control.

The Air Touch allows Jessica and her family to control the room temperature from anywhere through an app on their phone or tablet. The system offers superior safety features and smart energy management meaning it will help Jessica and her family save money on energy costs.

“We wanted to make sure the whole house could remain the perfect temperature for Jess,” said Ryan.

“We removed the old split-system and the air grill from the loungeroom and replaced it with the new Air Touch split-system.”

Our team installed ducted air conditioning across the entire second floor of the home, making it easier to maintain a consistent temperature in every room.

The unveiling

Not only did Ryan suggest the air conditioner donation idea to us, but he also donated his time to install the system. And, it was all completely unknown to Jess and Vitz – as they were away from the home at the time.

Jessica’s family held a fundraiser in October to help pay for some of her medical costs, and it was then that Ryan revealed the work he had completed at Jessica’s house. 

“It’s pretty hard for me to be lost for words, but when we found out I was speechless,” said Vitz.

“It meant the absolute world to us, I can’t tell you how much we appreciate it. Jess is doing really well at the moment and the donation has made all the difference to her comfort at home.”

Supporting the community and our team is something Air Extreme are proud of. We were so glad we were able to support Jessica and help Ryan with the air conditioner donation.

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