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How to beat the Summer heat without blowing your electricity budget

A scorching summer often means your air conditioning system has to work overtime, which can wreak havoc on your power bill. However, as modern systems become more intuitive and energy efficient, this doesn’t have to be the case. 

With a good understanding of optimal air conditioning temperatures and settings, a well-maintained air conditioning system, and just a little bit of preparation – you can keep cool without paying for it later.

Check out our tips below for how to battle the heat this summer.

Beat the summer heat tip #1

It’s not enough to just hot that cool setting on your air conditioner and hope for the best. By being a bit strategic about the settings you use, you can ensure your system is operating in an energy efficient manner.

21 – 22 degrees Celsius is the ideal temperature for comfort, while remaining cost-effective.

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Beat the summer heat tip #2

Windows that receive direct sunlight can cause substantial heat gain to your home. Studies have demonstrated that white-plastic-backed, medium-coloured curtains can reduce heat gains by 33 per cent.

To prevent your home heating up too quickly on those warm Summer mornings, keep your blinds and curtains closed. This reduces the impact of the harsh Summer sun, and is especially important for north and west-facing windows.

With curtains drawn earlier in the day, your air conditioning system won’t have to work as hard to cool your home later in the afternoon.

Beat the summer heat tip #3

Smart air conditioning units that can be controlled remotely allow you monitor and adjust the temperature in your home from any location. This means you can switch your air conditioner on to cool before you return home, and be welcomed by a pleasant temperature– without having to leave your air conditioning running all day, or blast it the minute you walk in the door!

Brands like AirTouch, Daikin and Mitsubishi offer a wide range of modern and smart air conditioning systems which have this functionality

Beat the summer heat tip #4

If your air conditioning system is not well-suited to the layout and size of your home, this can reduce efficiency, and have a negative impact on your electricity bills.

For example, you may be using a split-system air conditioner in a very large open-plan living area – or in just one room, while trying to cool several rooms. While this may work for a smaller home, the more space your system is trying to cool the harder it’s going to be working.

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Beat the summer heat tip #5

Maintaining your air conditioning system with regular servicing is also an essential step when preparing to beat the summer heat. It’s important to ensure your system is in top working condition by:

  • Cleaning and replacing the filters on your unit
  • Checking and cleaning your ducted air conditioning vents

While these are critical steps in preparing your system for the warmer months, we recommend ensuring you have a professional service your system annually to avoid potentially harmful or costly issues arising.

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By following our tips above, you can prepare to beat the summer heat. If you’re concerned your system isn’t in top shape to battle the warmer months, schedule an inspection and service!

If you’re concerned your air conditioning system won’t handle the heat this summer contact us!