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There are many ways to increase the value of your home – and we don’t just mean a fresh lick of paint or revamping the kitchen. We’re talking about installing a state-of-the-art air conditioning system to keep you comfortable all year round.

But how will installing air conditioning increase your home value? Let’s find out.

What are the benefits of installing air conditioning in your home?

In a country like Australia where we experience some of the highest temperatures in summer, and extremely low temperatures in winter, air conditioning can drastically increase the comfort levels of your home. Everybody wants to be sitting in cool air conditioning on a 40-degree day or be able to come home to a warm house after a cold night out.

These increased comfort levels can be a major selling point for home buyers.

Property valuation is an essential step in the process of putting a property on the market. If you’re looking to sell your home, it’s likely a valuer may take the quality of the home’s cooling and heating systems into consideration.

When searching for a property, many sites allow you to filter by features, so people can specifically search for properties with air conditioning.

If the air conditioning system is a trusted brand such as Daikin or Mitsubishi and has been recently installed, this can have a positive effect on the value of your home. New, reputable systems are a big selling point, as they minimise the risk of buyer having to replace the system shortly after they move it.

If you’re wanting to increase the value of your home with a new system, but don’t know what brand to use, check out our 10 reasons to choose a Daikin air conditioner.

And of course, let’s not forget rental properties!

Installing an air conditioning unit could also give your property the winning edge for tenants looking for their next rental property. So, while tenants will have increased comfort levels, you can charge more for rent.

Ducted vs split-system air conditioning – what value does each system provide to my home?

Whether you choose ducted or split-system air conditioning, either option will likely increase the value of your home. However, some systems are better suited to certain sized homes.

For home buyers who may be conscious of air quality in the area, air-purifying split-system air conditioning units could be a huge selling point.

During the reverse cycle process, the air is filtered as it travels through the unit – removing dust, allergens, and pollutants from your internal air space. Split-system air conditioning units also provide flexibility using their refrigerant reverse-cycle, offering the best of both worlds.

They’re the perfect system for smaller homes, offering centralised cooling or heating at an energy-efficient price as it’s only one cooling one space.

Alternatively, operating from one central unit, ducted air conditioning provides climate control to your entire home. Most systems have ‘zones’, which allows you to only heat or cool the rooms in use.

Although ducted air conditioning tends to be more expensive than smaller split-systems to install, they are often a quieter and cheaper long-term option – especially for larger homes, or those with many rooms that would require multiple split system units.

Read more about the benefits of ducted vs split system air conditioning.

Overall, installing a good quality, modern air conditioning system is a great way to increase the value and appeal of your home – for you, as well as future buyers and renters.

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