Ryan Vandervelde, Ryan Vandervelde, Air Extreme Air Conditioning

Ryan, or Vanderz as he’s sometimes known, is our domestic estimator and has been with Air Extreme for eight years. He would describe the rest of the Extreme team as productive, reliable and honest!

He starts every morning in the office around 6am and goes through our quotes and emails. By 8am he’s attending meetings and inspections, before he’s back in the office to carry out quotes, phone calls and design layouts. For Ryan, a normal day is go, go, go!

Known for keeping busy with his direct and firm demeanour, Ryan’s doesn’t let anything worry him – it’s probably why his most used phrase is “she’ll be alright”!

When Ryan isn’t busy in the office, he keeps busy instead by spending time with his family, surfing or having a cheeky punt or two. His favourite movie is Step Brothers and when he’s driving to work he’s either listening to Big Sports Breakfast or the racing station.

When asked what his top tip for Air Extreme customers would be, Ryan said it’s better to do it right the first time with a quality product.

Ryan Vandervelde, Ryan Vandervelde, Air Extreme Air Conditioning

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