Lee McPhail, Lee McPhail, Air Extreme Air Conditioning

Meet Lee, one of Air Extreme’s project managers and our commercial supervisor!

Lee’s days at work usually consist of early mornings, constant problem solving, lots of phone calls and site visits. He is always busy and you’ll rarely see him without a large coffee in his hand.

After previously worked with the directors, Justin and Mick, he was more than happy to join them when they started Air Extreme Air Conditioning. After working with this team for over 12 years, Lee loves that it feels like he is working with a family every day.

When Lee isn’t at work, he spends his weekends enjoying family time, mountain bike riding and socialising with his mates. Although he doesn’t like to admit it, he grew up listening to 80s and 90s music and can’t resist singing along when a classic comes on the radio.

Lee’s time at Air Extreme has taught him a thing or two about the industry. His ultimate tip for customers is “you pay cheap, you pay twice”. Choosing quality over cost is the right choice, every time.

Lee McPhail, Lee McPhail, Air Extreme Air Conditioning

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