Emma Whiteford, Emma Whiteford, Air Extreme Air Conditioning

Meet Emma!

Emma, or Em, is Air Extreme’s receptionist and service scheduler extraordinaire! She’s worked with Air Extreme for two and half years after completing her Cert III in Business Administration. After expertly handling our calls every day, it’s no surprise she said her most used phrase is “Good Morning, this is Air Extreme, Emma speaking.”

Em loves her position and the people she works with. She greets us every morning with a smile on her face which is probably why she thinks her colleagues would describe her as short, sweet and a dash of bubbles. She says a normal day of work at Air Extreme is busy, like a bumblebee!

Emma’s favourite phrase from a film is Hakuna Matata (do we really need to tell you what it means?). This is pretty true for Emma, as she is carefree and always happy!

When Emma’s not frantically organising everything for our team, she spends her free time going to the beach, going on walks or just getting some sunshine. She has big plans to travel the world as well.

Emma Whiteford, Emma Whiteford, Air Extreme Air Conditioning

Contact Emma

(02) 4920 6557