Dianne Ashton, Dianne Ashton, Air Extreme Air Conditioning

Meet Dianne!

Dianne, or Di, is our Accounts and Administration Manager, which often means she has a hand in everything. She is the face and fast hands behind our emails, and her days are always busy!

Di has been with Air Extreme for over 13 years and she wouldn’t have it any other way! After being with the company for so long, Di loves that she has grown alongside our company, and feels like the team is one big family

With every family comes the mum, and Dianne has certainly taken on that role within our team. She loves checking in with all of our workers, and even though she thinks they would describe her as bossy, we know she has a big heart! Di loves her job and plans on staying here for the rest of her life. We hope so too!

One of Di’s favourite things about Air Extreme is the fantastic reputation the business has built. She loves receiving phone calls from happy customers, and truly believes that a referral is the ultimate compliment our business can receive!

When Di isn’t busy at work, she loves travelling, spending time with her family, and going for the odd fishing trip.

Di’s top tip? Do your research. Ask around and get feedback on both the company and product you are looking at before making a decision and parting with your hard-earned money.

Dianne Ashton, Dianne Ashton, Air Extreme Air Conditioning

Contact Dianne

(02) 4920 6557