Almost everyone can admit that they’ve experienced temperatures in their office so high or low that they couldn’t focus on anything but the temperature. These extremes can have a big impact on your productivity. When you’re uncomfortable, it’s human nature to become distracted. Your body wants all your focus to be on regulating your core temperature

What we also know, is that when your workforce is distracted, overall efficiency levels go down and with it your profitability. As a business owner or manager, it’s win/win to create an environment that your team is comfortable and happy in, to help them to perform at their peak.

To achieve this, there is a few simple things to remember.

Maintain a stable temperature

For Australian climates the ideal temperature for workplace productivity is 21o C. We recommend keeping this as stable as possible, running temperatures above or below that mark has been shown to significantly decrease productivity.

Of course, it goes without saying that this may need slight adjustments throughout the year depending on location, climate, and season.

Workplace air quality matters

You’ve got your air set in the ideal range but are still seeing signs of distraction or an increase in sick days?

Many people don’t realise that indoor air pollution in the workplace can negatively impact people’s health. It can have both short and long term affects if not addressed and monitored correctly.

Given that on average your staff are spending around eight hours a day in your office, it’s important to understand the consequences of poor indoor air quality and a failure to address it.

According to the Australian Government, short term effects of minimal indoor air quality include:

Long term effects of pollution are more severe and can lead to significant damage to the body’s internal organs, including:

Workplace culture

While we know air temperature can affect the quality of your team’s work, it can also affect your staff morale. Who has ever snapped at a team member when they’re too hot or freezing cold?

It’s extremely common to take our frustrations out on other people when we’re uncomfortable. Maintaining a positive workplace culture comes with maintaining the perfect temperature in your space.

So what's the solution?

This is not a time to cut corners. Obviously we’re biased as we run an air conditioning company, but we are in workplaces every week and see the how vital it is to get your workplace temperature right.

Make sure you are monitoring your temperatures (it might help to keep access to the control panel limited) and establish a schedule to have your air conditioning system cleaned and serviced, to avoid creating longer term issues.

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