It’s time to pack your swimmers away and get your air conditioning unit and favourite hot chocolate recipe ready to keep you toasty warm over Winter. The warm days in Newcastle are becoming fewer and we’re starting to see the cool shift into Autumn and Winter.

Now is the time to think about switching your air conditioner from cooling to heating to keep you warm throughout the chilly months.

The quality units we stock are built to withstand the variations of the seasons with little maintenance. However, giving your air conditioner a little TLC with the change of the seasons can save you a lot of expense and inconvenience in the future. Understanding the best care and use of your air conditioner can help decrease your electricity costs and keep the family cosy.

Ensure your air conditioner functions at its best and most economical over Winter by following these four tips.

1. Clean or replace your filters to prepare your air conditioner for Winter.

If you gave your air conditioner a good workout over the hot Summer months, your filters may have accumulated a lot of debris. This is particularly likely with the heavy smoke and ash we experienced due to the bushfires.

Having clean filters in your air conditioner doesn’t only ensure better air quality, but also helps your unit to run more efficiently.

Cleaning or replacing your filters can put money back in your pocket, improve the operation of your unit and prevent any larger issues.

According to Energy Star, you should clean or replace your filters on a monthly basis. This is particularly important during peak periods like Summer and Winter.

2. Don't pump the heat too high.

Many people fall into the bad habit of cranking up heat, and then switching it off when it becomes too warm. Every air conditioning unit has an optimum temperature range, usually between 21-22°C. Moving your thermostat back a few degrees can reduce the energy efficiency of your unit by 5-10 per cent. It’s important to give your air conditioner time to do its thing, particularly if you are heating a large area.

3. Give your air conditioner a simple clean before Winter hits.

Giving your air conditioner a clean to prepare it for winter is a great way to improve energy efficiency and the operation of your unit. Here are two simple cleaning checks you should do at the start of a new season:

  • Give your internal air conditioner louvres a vacuum and wipe off any dust.
  • Clean the outdoor unit for your air conditioner by removing obstructions. This could include twigs, plant debris, leaves, grass clippings, dirt, bugs or cobwebs.

Make sure you turn your air conditioner off before cleaning it. It’s also a good idea to check your instruction manual to see if there are any specific requirements for your unit. If you’re unsure, our team can help!

4. Schedule regular maintenance with a professional air conditioning technician in Newcastle.

A qualified air conditioning technician will know your unit like the back of their hand. Booking in a regular preventative maintenance service will allow your technician to spot warning signs. This can help prevent issues before they become bigger and more costly. Your technician will check for leaks, test the wiring and get a gauge of your system’s efficiency. A regular check-up will help ensure your air conditioning system is running smoothly and energy efficiently. It's a great idea to book a check-up before the season change to prepare your air conditioner for winter.

Ticked all the boxes and still finding your air conditioner isn’t operating as it should and is creating huge electricity bills? It might be time to upgrade your unit.

Air Extreme Air Conditioning offers a range of high quality, energy-efficient air conditioning solutions. Our team of technicians will provide expert advice around the best system for your environment and residence or business. Installing the right air conditioner for your space could save you up to 30 per cent on your quarterly costs.

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