Toby, Toby Vines, Air Extreme Air Conditioning

Toby, or PJ as he is sometimes known, is one of our tradesmen. After hearing about Air Extreme through a couple of mates, Toby was keen to get on board and join our team! He has now been working with us for three years and loves the freedom he gets in his job.

Toby spends his days installing systems and conducting maintenance across commercial and residential sites. He ensures all of the equipment is installed correctly and the highest quality customer service is always being delivered.

After being with Air Extreme for over three years, Toby has had his fair share of great memories. While he can’t pick a favourite, he says every job is different and it makes the job great. Every day feels like he’s working with his best mates, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Toby is always looking at ways to keep his colleagues engaged and motivated. He is known for his ability to crack jokes and make the boys laugh.

When not at work, Toby enjoys going to the gym, swimming at the beach and hanging out with his mates.

Toby’s favourite film is Hot Rod (who doesn’t love Andy Samberg!?), he’s a lover of rap music, and is always throwing down a few verses on his drives to and from work. This love for rap means that if he could have a beer with someone famous, it would be A$AP Rocky.

The three words Toby would use to describe the Air Extreme team?

Reliable, productive experts!

To learn more about Toby and our team get in touch with us today.