Jesse, Jesse McCormick, Air Extreme Air Conditioning

Jesse McCormick is one of our apprentice refrigeration mechanics and he works across both residential and commercial sites.

His role consists of installing, servicing and maintaining refrigeration systems to ensure our units are in top notch condition.

As an apprentice, Jesse gets to learn and put into action new skills taught by our team of experts. He’s consistently learning new skills which helps him ensure our air conditioning systems are installed efficiently and correctly.

Jesse said the best thing about working with the Air Extreme team as his co-workers. They all love to crack a joke or two with when they’re working hard onsite.

Jesse likes to think his team would describe him as fun and good to work with (and we completely agree!). As our resident DJ and adventurer, he enjoys spending his free time surfing, four-wheel driving and producing music.

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Jesse, Jesse McCormick, Air Extreme Air Conditioning

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