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Air Conditioning Newcastle are your air conditioning specialists. Our expertise in air conditioning ensures you have all the help, advice and service you require.Air Conditioning Newcastle by Air Extreme will give you one great price covering the cost of the air conditioning units plus installation. When your air conditioning unit is up and running they'll give you a thorough demonstration to ensure you get maximum comfort from your investment. We are a Newcastle based air conditioning unit company - you are welcome to come in and have a chat!

Air Extreme are also a Daikin specialist dealer who will devote time and effort to ensure you choose the right air conditioner for your individual air conditioning needs. This is critically important as having an air conditioner that is too small for the job means you will be short on comfort, buy an air conditioner that's to big for your space means big energy bills. At air conditioning Newcastle we recommend sizes that are suited to your air conditioning needs.

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Air Conditioning Services

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Keep your air conditioner running at peak performance for as long as possible by allowing our air conditioning Newcastle specialists to see to its annual maintenance. Our routine maintenance agreements cover the following services:

  • Checking, cleaning and replacing filters
  • Inspecting the wiring of the unit
  • Inspecting the system’s operation
  • Ensuring that the thermostat is still functioning correctly
  • Inspecting gas charges
  • Spraying the outdoor units to see if they are exposed to sea air

Our specialists at Air Extreme are competent and well-trained, ensuring that you will receive a high standard of service. To provide the best value for your investment, our air conditioning Newcastle company offers a service arrangement. We will come back once a year to service your unit and ensure that it is continuing to meet your needs.

Air Conditioner Installation

When replacing your old air conditioner, you can rely on our air conditioning Newcastle company to get the job done correctly, on time and on budget. Our specialists will work with you to ensure that you get the air conditioner that will suit your individual needs.

You may be in need of a new air conditioning unit if:

  • Your current unit is more than 7 years old
  • Your current unit requires frequent repairs
  • You have higher than average utility bills

Our air conditioning Newcastle specialists are trained in the installation of a wide range of unit types and models. We offer our customers one great price that includes both the air conditioning unit and its installation, ensuring that you receive the highest value for your money. Once the unit is installed, our air conditioning Newcastle specialist will give you a thorough demonstration, allowing you to get the most from your investment.

Air Conditioner Repairs

When the weather is hot, there is nothing more frustrating than a broken air conditioner. When your unit is in need of a repair, trust our air conditioning Newcastle experts to get the job done. One of our trained specialists will promptly arrive to your home or business and consult with you to determine the problems your air conditioner is presenting. Once he listens to your concerns, he will inspect the unit and provide a diagnosis of the problem. Our trained specialists carry all the tools and spare parts necessary to immediately take care of most repairs.

Floor and Ceiling Air Conditioners

Utilising the newest and most advanced technology floor and ceiling mounted air conditioners have never been more efficient. To help you determine if this option is right for you, and to help you choose the make and model that will best suit your needs, one of our air conditioning Newcastle specialists will consult with you. Our staff of knowledgeable experts is educated in the technology’s latest advancements, and will work with you to help you choose a unit that will best meet your expectations. From helping you find the unit that is right for you, to efficiently and correctly installing the unit, to attending to its regular maintenance needs, the air conditioning Newcastle experts are the only ones you need for getting the most from your floor and ceiling air conditioners.

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